Public comments were collected from 12/7/2020 through 1/9/2021. 


A complete list of public comments can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon below.  The PDF file includes the original comments and references a project question number that can be found below on this page.  Since there were several common project comments, the responses were grouped and answered by category below. 

1.    Where and how will parking be changed from the current locations?

Parking on Lake from West 117th to Clifton will be unchanged. Parking will be permitted on the west/south side of Lake Avenue from Clifton to Detroit outside the pedestrian island areas. Parking spaces will be indicated by new pavement striping.

2.    Why are there no bicycle facilities in the plans from W. 117th Street         to Clifton Blvd.?

The City is working with partners to explore options for a comfortable, safe, low-stress bike enhancement that will augment the Lake Avenue resurfacing project. We anticipate having an update for the public in mid-2021.

The Metroparks is proposing a future bike trail from W. 117th to West Boulevard that is under review. An additional bike route is also being investigated for Edgewater Drive, due to its much lower vehicular traffic.

More information regarding the Metroparks future bike trail from W. 177th to West Boulevard can be found on the Metroparks website:

3.    Will separated bike lanes be considered for this project?

Separated bike lanes are not being considered for this project.  Where parking exists we have included a 3 foot buffer from the parking lane relative to the bike lane to keep cyclists out of the door zone.

4.    The Lake Avenue Planning Study (Dated November 2019) showed             bump-outs at Desmond, W. 87th, and W. 78th Street and a                         crosswalk at W. 78th Street. Why were the plans changed from the           study? 

The planning study bump-out locations and crosswalk were reviewed by the Traffic Engineering Department at West 87th Street which determined that, due to sight distance issues caused by the railroad bridge the locations of these bump-outs and the crossing would be a unsafe not only to pedestrians but to bicycle traffic using the Lake Avenue bike lanes. The decision was then made to eliminate the bump-outs and move the crosswalk, and pedestrian island, to W. 85th Street.

5.    What improvements are planned for the intersection of W. 117th             Street and Lake Avenue? 

The project traffic striping will line up with striping across from W. 117th on Lake Avenue in Lakewood, including a left turn lane. A median island has been suggested through this website but is outside the scope limits of the project. The City will investigate potentially adding the island however it may not be feasible due to access issue with existing driveways.

6.    Will there be plantings in the median islands shown on the                         website?  Are these native plants to the Cleveland area? Are these             plantings durable as compared with other local projects? Does the           project include new trees?

The median islands have been designed for plantings and are native to the Cleveland area. The plantings were chosen due to their hardiness, salt resistance, and on lessons learned from other City projects. Please note the plantings, when fully grown, will not obscure visibility. The project does not include new tree plantings but the website comments will be sent to the City Forester for consideration.

7.    Will the speed limit for Lake Avenue be reduced from 35 mph to 25         mph? 

Speed limit reduction is not part of this project.  Speed studies have been performed in the past, that study did not satisfy lowering the speed limit. 

8.    Will there be modifications to the slip lane, including signal timing           at Lake and Clifton, to improve safety with this project? 

The project scope does not include physical modifications to the slip lane onto the Shoreway (State Route 2) or to Clifton Blvd. There were requests to modify the signal timing and investigate other traffic calming measures at Clifton and Lake Avenue to improve pedestrian and bicycle crossings.  As part of the project a center island is being constructed narrowing the pavement crossing. 

9.    Is Vision Zero Cleveland a part of the Lake Avenue project scope?

Vision Zero Cleveland is an initiative to reduce/eliminate crashes.  Many of the participants on the various sub committees under the Vision Zero umbrella have participated in the design of this project.

10.    What are the dimensions of the proposed W. 110th Street median?

The refuge island is 7' wide by 40’ long and matches the current paint pattern at this location. Vehicular turning motions have been checked to confirm vehicles can turn safely adjacent to adjacent side streets at the island. 

11.    Will sidewalks and ADA ramps be replaced with this project? Will a           new crossing be installed near W. 115th Street?

The sidewalks are being replaced as needed for the project to eliminate trip hazards from W. 117th Street to Detroit Avenue. None compliant ADA ramps will also be replaced.  A new sidewalk crossing and ADA ramps are being installed at W. 116th Street with this project.

12.    What is the width of the bike lane and location of the bike lanes?             Will green paint be used with the bike lanes? 

The bike lanes are 7’ wide in general.  When the bike lane is paired next to parking there will be a 3’ door zone buffer.  Green paint within the bike lanes is not part of the scope of this project.

13.    Do the plans include replacing the blue EDGEWATER Premier                     Neighborhood signs?

The replacement of these signs is not part of the scope of this project.  These signs were installed by the city in 2008 as part of the original place making and traffic calming measures.  The city will discuss with the councilmember about potentially replacing.  The current signs were installed with council funding.